Danieli Automation

Danieli Automation is the Company, within the Danieli Group, responsible for the transfer of technological know-how from other Danieli technological divisions to end users, supplying the interface between plant process and operator. Our mission is to provide process automation and control systems for metals industry covering the wide spectrum of Danieli Technology, ranging from iron ore to long and flat products.

Software algorithm models, computerized quality and production control systems are developed in house and are the means to transfer Danieli process know-how to final users, thanks to the synergistic relationship with Danieli and the technological background shared with the parent Company. This co-operation with the mechanical designers has lead to optimized and standardized solutions, resulting in best performances and quicker plant start-up. The Motors and Drives department designs and selects the best solutions for motors and their respective drives dependant upon the technical requirements.

Furthermore, we design and supply complete electrical distribution systems, up to turnkey solution for steel industry, with installation engineering based on extensive experience and on the required standards. Additionally we produce special instruments and sensors, designed and engineered to meet the demand from steel producers for sophisticated controls, quality certification, cost optimisation and quick adaptation to the latest systems.


DIGI&MET is the cross-functional business unit Danieli Group has created to develop and implement new plant design

concepts, based on digital innovation, and also new business models based on servitization and outcome economy principles, to ensure consistency in quality, plant utilization, OpEx and faster deliveries.

A real step towards Industry 4.0

DIGI&MET solutions support the most critical plant-wide business processes, bringing a significant contribution for their digitalization, but also represent the most proper places where to jointly implement the virtuous circle Measure-Gain Insights-Improve.