Program overview

AIxIA 2022 will take place between Monday 28th November and Friday 2nd December 2022. Here you find an overview of the program of each day. Refer to the Main TrackWorkshopsKeynotes and Tutorials, Industry sessionsDoctoral ConsortiumSocial events, and Public event pages for fine-grained details. 


  • WS: Workshop Session
  • MT: Main Track Session
  • KT: Keynote/Tutorial Session

Please check this page frequently, as the final program is still possibly subject to changes.

The program overview is also available as a single PDF file.

Monday 28th November

10:00-13:00WS 1A DC
14:00-15:45KT 1WS 1BDC
16:15-18:00 WS 1BDC
18:00Public event

Coffee breaks: 10:45-11:15 and 15:45-16:15

Tuesday 29th November

10:00-13:00MT 2AWS 2A
14:00-15:00KT 2
15:00-19:00MT 2BWS 2B
20:00-...Welcome reception

Coffee breaks: 10:45-11:15 and 15:45-16:15

Wednesday 30th November

09:00-10:00KT 3
10:00-13:00MT 3AWS 3A
14:00-15:45MT 3BWS 3B
16:15-17:30Round TableWS 3B
17:30-18:30AIxIA members assemblyWS 3B

Coffee breaks: 10:45-11:15 and 15:45-16:15

Thursday 1st December

09:45-10:45Industry, first session
Techedge, Intesa San Paolo, Generali, Eustema
11:15-12:00Industry, second session
Danieli, Previnet, Ublox, OverIT
12:00-13:00KT 4
14:00-...Excursion and Social Dinner

Coffee break: 10:45-11:15

Friday 2nd December

09:00-10:00KT 5
10:00-13:00MT 5AWS 5A
14:00-18:00MT 5BWS 5B

Coffee breaks: 10:45-11:15 and 15:45-16:15