Social events

Welcome reception

The conference welcome reception will be held on Tuesday 29 November at the Casa della Contadinanza restaurant, on the top of Udine's castle in the city center. The event will start at 20:00.

Excursion and social dinner

On Thursday 1st December, there will be a cultural visit at Aquileia (UD) during the afternoon.
Then, a wine tasting experience and the conference social dinner will take place in the evening at Ca' Tullio.

Aquileia was an important city of the Roman Empire and then the main centre for the diffusion of Christianity in Northern and Eastern Europe. It is a UNESCO site due to the importance of its archaeological area and the beauty of the floor mosaics that it safeguards. The largest and most well-known attraction is the Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta, dating back to the IV century, which will be part of our 2.5hrs guided tour together with the Crypt of Frescoes, holding Byzantine-style frescoes from the XII century, and some well preserved Roman archaeological remains. 
Next, the tour will continue at the Ca' Tulio winery, where experienced staff will show us the wine production process, and guide us through a wine tasting experience. 
We conclude the evening with the social dinner, held at the same winery.

Excursion timetable (tentative):

14:30Departure from Udine - Rizzi campus (conference venue), destination Aquileia
15:30Guided tour through Aquileia's archeological sites
18:30Wine tasting experience and tour of Ca' Tullio winery
20:30Social dinner at Ca' Tullio winery
MidnightReturn to Udine city center

We recall that the participation to the excursion and the social dinner is subject to the payment of an extra fee. See the Registration page for details.